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Who’s This “Bob” Everyone Keeps Talking About???

May 22, 2009

He’s been around forever and yet he never goes out of style. He can be classic, modern, funky, all with just a few small alterations. Actually, he isn’t a he. We’re referring to the ever-popular bob haircut.

Ladies, I’m sure that you’ve probably sported one at some point. And how could you not!?! The bob looks fantastic, no matter the fashion of the day. It compliments just about every face shape and has come up again and again in celeb rags. Katie Holmes, Jessica Simpson, Posh Spice and many others have sported this versatile, ageless do, but our favourite has to be our idol, American Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. For decades now, she has worn with pride the uber-fabulous cut in a variety of lengths and colours and to this day, remains a style icon. You can’t fight a history like that!

And if our fave fashion diva isn’t enough proof for you, check out the online buzz: will link you to a bob cut worshiper page. And guys, even you don’t get left out of this hair trend: dying to know what we mean? Well, you can join the Yahoo Groups “Guys with Bobs” group at Now how’s that for gender inclusive! Need a bit more real-time back-up? Search “bob haircut” on Twitter and check out the Tweets. That many people can’t be wrong.

What are we getting at here? It’s simple; regardless of your age, hair colour, face shape, and apparently gender, there’s a bob out there for you. Need help figuring out which one? Come see us at the salon, we’ll hook you up!

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