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Let’s Face It, You Need Therapy

May 30, 2009

Many of us have noticed, coming out of this awful Toronto winter that our hair is a bit worse for the wear. Perhaps you’ve lost some of the sheen from last summer? Are your tresses a little more limp than normal? Or maybe you’ve just gotten a little drier, a bit more damaged? Might we suggest you contact our therapist: Kevin.Murphy.

Designed to treat specific hair problems, these boosters are loaded with ingredients to beautify a variety of problems. Here, lie down on the couch and let’s talk about your hair and it’s feelings:

Symptom: Hair is stressed-out, coarse and dry. Prescription: The Kevin.Murphy Moisture booster. Moisture nourishes the hair and scalp. Ingredients like wheat amino acids, vitamins A, C and E and hydrolyzed wheat proteins know exactly which part of your hair to go to in order to target the dry bits and prevent over-moisture and the frizzies.

Symptom: Hair is “damaged goods”. Prescription: Kevin.Murphy Repair booster. A richer version of Moister, Repair also contains vegetables proteins to seep into the inner layers of the hair and promote restructuring of the follicle. Silk and keratin proteins assist with shine and bringing those damaged ends to life.

Symptom: Hair has gotten drab and dull. Prescription: Kevin.Murphy Shine booster. With a vegetable protein complex, Shine adds strength to your do. Throw in a little bamboo extract to create an invisible glowing “shield” and a lower pH value to tighten the hair cuticle and your tresses take on an amazing new sheen.

Symptom: Hair hangs limp. Prescription: Kevin.Murphy Volume booster (you thought we were going to make a Viagra joke, didn’t you?;p). Using some of the ingredients in the other boosters, and adding a few extras (keratin liposome Burdock Root extract, and many others) the Volume booster adds a weightless film to the hair shaft’s surface that adds incredible body.

Don’t you feel better now? Want some more therapy time? Give us a shout at the salon and we can talk a little more personally about some of your issues.

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