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Decorate Your Northern Hemisphere This Summer

June 5, 2009

As the weather warms ladies, we are presented with an interesting challenge: how do we keep cool both figuratively and literally? Hair accessories are it this summer. Here are a few hints for the hottest summer hair trends:

First and foremost, be careful where you find your inspiration. Gossip Girl yay, Lady Gaga, nay. That means no bows made with your own hair ladies… Think headbands whimsically embellished with flowers or bows. Head bands can keep  your fringe out of your face and have made some pretty impressive red carpet walks lately.

Headbands not your thing? Try pushing your sunglasses up into your hair. We know that for years you’ve been told not to. It bends the arms, gets hair product on the lenses. This summer, do it! It’s one of our choices for best summer trends and, let’s face it, it’s a convenient place to put your sun specs when you need to duck inside.

And this year, last summer’s best neck adornment moves north. Perhaps the most versatile accessory hitting the magazines this year, scarves can spice up your tresses in a variety of different ways… Wear them as a headband (you see, there’s that headband again), braided into your do, wrap the fabric around your ponytail with dangly ends or how about a glamour-girl head wrap (funky, fashionable and helps protect your hair from the sun)? Scarves kind of win it in summer ’09.

We at Blonde are all about making your hair your crowning glory. Embellishments let you have fun and express your personal style. So grab your favourite hair accessory and hit the streets, the beach, the bars, where ever!

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