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The Colour of Summer

June 23, 2009

After a few weeks where we weren’t sure what Mother Nature was doing, it’s finally looking as though summer has arrived in our fair city of Toronto.  What better way to ring in the season than with fresh, new, hot colour? Here, we’ll offer a bit of advice on top colour trends this summer…

Are you a brunette? This summer calls for matte, ashy tones. Brunettes are revisiting the 70’s this summer. Think powdery. Thank the 70’s fashion in all the magazines for this one.

Tresses red? Inspiration flies from Coco Rocha this summer. Think jewel tones: rubies. We’re staying away from primaries and fire engines. Natural tones are it for reds. Plus, the jewel tones will transition fantastically to fall!

Blonde mane? Now we need to differentiate by age. The young and restless are sporting the Lady Gaga inspired all-over platinum. If you’re a little older, we’re looking at powdery tones for you as well.

Dark top?  Think neutrals. Gone are the days of blue- and red-undertones. This summer calls for ebony, black in it’s richest state.

All hair colours share accent trends this summer: pastels are where it’s at. Soft violets, lilacs and peaches. Powdery dark blondes and brown sugars. If you can find the colour in nature, think about accenting your mane with it.

Colour can be overwhelming. Our suggestion: come see us at the salon and together we can find your perfect summer look.

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  1. June 24, 2009 12:55 PM

    Nice article. I agree with all the advice you have given regarding color.
    Hair Stylist, Oklahoma City, OK
    Dragonfly Hair Salon (405) 843-3359

  2. July 23, 2009 1:11 PM

    Thanks Anastasia!

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