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Listen Up Blondes, This One’s For You

July 21, 2009

You’ve likely spent some quality time and money to become your own perfect blonde. The people at Schwarzkopf Professional understand and have come up with a regime to ensure that not only do you get your perfect blonde, but that your colour stays as wonderful as when you step out of the salon chair.

Schwarzkopf’s BlondeMe line includes a range of colour, shampoos and conditioners for just you. The shampoos and conditioners contain purifying detox agents that absorb water particles that can make your blonde dull. Micro-nourishing ingredients and amino acid strengthen and repair your hair’s inner structure, at the same time maintaining your hair’s delicate natural moisture balance. The prism shine technology uses liquid rock crystal, UV filters, refined silicones and apricot oil to surround your hair and give you a smooth, shiny mane.

If your blonde is a neutral like sand or caramel, there’s a regime that. If you have a cool (ice or steel blue) or warm (strawberry or peach) blonde, there’s a regime for that. The shampoos and conditioners are specifically designed to maintain and revive the tone you want to keep. All that at less than typical salon-product prices. It’s the ultimate blonde-care package at a price to fit your budget.

Carrying through for all tones is a moisture mask that offers incredible care in a rich and creamy rinse-out treatment.

Now let’s talk colour: BlondeMe offers an incredible line of colour in any tone your blonde fantasies can stir up. “Blonde is not just a hair colour, it’s a state of mind.” Need some help getting there? We’re here to help. After all, what’s our name again?

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