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Helping Hair Deal With Heat

August 13, 2009

Kevin.Murphy has introduced a line of products to protect your hair from the extreme heat of your styling appliances. Using Kevin.Murphy X-HP Complex, the Protection.Line offers reduced friction for an easier comb-through, protects against the loss of hair strength, improves the smoothness of your hair’s surface and provide excellent style-hold.

Kevin.Murphy X-HP Complex blends natural ingredients used to treat burns: packed with anti-oxidants, essential oils and amino acids. All sulfate- and paraben-free, the products use Lanolin, essential oils and extracts found in the Australian Rainforest for their healing properties.

Protection.Wash Heat Protecting Shampoo is the base for the line. Essential for those using heated appliances, the shampoo protects hair and contains Chitosan, a renewable resource that adds moisture, strength and heat protection.

Our next step: Leave-In.Protection Heat Shielding Leave-In Conditioner. Don’t let the name fool you. This conditioner can be left in or washed out and contains proteins that strengthens, adds elasticity, flexibility, softness and fullness to your tresses.

The styling line offers a selection of 4 products to suit your heat-related needs. Damage.Manager Instant Heat Shield can be sprayed on your hair just before applying heat for protection without residue. Straight.Defence Heat Protecting Straightening Balm keeps tresses straighter for longer periods of time. Heated.Defense Heat Protecting Volumising Spray, designed to be sprayed on to damp hair adds volume and shine for do’s that call for the curling iron or roll-brush blow-dries. Finally, Heated.Defence Heat Protecting Texture Spray creates texture and can be used as both a styling and full-hold finishing product.

Whatever heat you apply to hair, the Kevin.Murphy Protection Line can handle it. Grab some of the products the next time you’re in the salon and see the results for yourself.

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