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Fall Back In Love With Hair Accessories this Fall

September 2, 2009

Everyone keeps using the dreaded Fall word, but it seems as though the time is upon us. There is nothing to do but be prepared for the equinox by making sure our hair accessories are in-line with the trends this season.

If you were hoping for an end to the eighties inspired fashions that have been upon us of late, we’re afraid you’re out of luck. Throwbacks from the decade make yet another appearance this season. Let’s talk hair bands: anything you can think of works on a headband this season; jewels, florals, over-sized bows, beads and even metal studs. Yes, that’s right, you have read it correctly. That high school shot of you in the over-sized bow that made you want to die last year, you can perhaps use as your Facebook profile pic this season. The trick this time around is not to wear it too perfectly. Swept to off to the side and with your tresses falling from it is the way it works for Fall.

Speaking of not too perfect, certain styles are heading that way. The messy bun with a jewel-embellished pin or comb screams modern this season. Are you a more clean-cut kind of girl? Try adding studs and spikes to a sleek updo or a straightened mane. With this trend, the idea is to take sleek and add edge. A messy updo may have this trend looking a bit schizophrenic!

Finally, we cannot end this entry without mentioning the jewel-embellished comb or pin. Worn relatively high on the head (eye-brow level) to sweep back hair, this accessory calls for centre-stage. Consider that if your piece is rather large and dramatic, the addition of other large, flashy jewellery may be a bit much.

Whatever hair accessories are in your trend plan for the season, have fun with them It’s the name of the game. Have we forgotten your favourite trend? Let us know your ideas!

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