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Hair Care for Free? Check Out Our Hair Health Tips…

September 8, 2009

We talk a lot on this blog about hair treatments and products to improve your hair’s condition. There are a whole slew of things you can do on your own to make that mane more beautiful, manageable and healthy.

Do you love the hot water? Your hair doesn’t. Lower the temperature in your shower. Cooler water will keep your skin more hydrated, not to mention your tresses. The cooler temp also adds shine and will keep your colour looking fresher longer; scalding water will make your gorgeous colour fade.

While splashing around the topic of water, remember that chlorine and salt water are your hair’s natural enemies.  Be sure to rinse your mane after dipping in the pool or ocean. The damaging agents left to their own devices will “bake” into your hair and can cause some major damage.

You spend so much time in bed that you should have high-thread count or satin sheets. Not only does it luxuriate the place where you spend 33% of your life, but it helps to prevent hair breakage. Speaking of breakage, make sure that your hair elastics are ouchless. Better yet, think scrunchie! As per our last post, the eighties are back in full swing and now is the time to rock the scrunchie. Think of all the breakage you’re preventing while remaining fashionable!

Your doctor has probably told you to take vitamins and your hair salon does too. Did you know that B12 stimulates hair growth? It’s true! Also, a flax supplement will add shine to your hair, making it softer and more manageable.

Now picture this: you’ve just left the salon and your colour is fresh, fashionable and gorgeous. The last thing you should do is wash that do within the first 48 hours. It can cause fading and damage. So relax and go shampoo–free for a couple of days.

These are our top tips. Have we forgotten any of your favourites? Let us know if you have a proven tip we haven’t mentioned!

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