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Contessa Photo Shoot Out-Takes

September 22, 2009

What do you get when you mix a bunch of beautiful girls, a make-up artist, photographer, stylist and our never-ending inspiration? Our latest photo shoot! Picture this (get it?!!?): mounds of hair extensions, the air heavy with hairspray, strobes flashing, and some mildly inappropriate conversation (come on, we’re human people).

Make-up tips flying; “foundation starts at the toes and works it’s way up”. Points for anyone that can implement that one in their day-to-day livcs.

We at Blonde have entered the Contessa Awards which honor excellence and creativity in hair.  These are the out takes of this year’s photo shoot. Final product to come. As you may have heard, Stacey Staley is a semi-finalist for 3 Contessa Awards this year: Master Colourist, Makeover Colourist and Multicultural Hairstylist. Finalists will be announced this Friday, September 25th. Please join us in wishing her luck! In the meantime, have a peak at the fun that was had to get here…


Early morning make-up. Looks like someone hasn’t had their coffee yet.


Getting styled by our Stylist Laura.


Hair and make-up happenings.


Some tools of the trade.


Some crazy hair.


We are firm believers of the “work hard, play hard” philosophy.


Making sure everything is just perfect.


It takes a few people to pull this off. Our special thanks to everyone who was involved in our insanity!

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