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Autumnal Colours

September 30, 2009

Well, it’s that time of year. The mercury has been dropping, the days are getting shorter and along with that the leaves are changing colour. Are you thinking it may be time for you to do the same? Here we offer some advice for bringing your mane up to date for the season.

Redheads: Sophistication is the name of the game reds. Fall shades are warmer with intense bases and golden highs. Bright shades in that contain your favourite type of wine are a good way to go. Think Merlot! Also, strawberries, coppers and auburns are great shades to live in.


Brunettes: A general trend this coming season is going back to your brown with some lovely lights around your face. Think warm with golden highlights painted  atop of a gorgeous, warm base.


Blondes: Think rich.  Using different shades throughout your tresses is where it’s at. Mixing blonde on blonde gives a lovely natural look.


A general rule this season: embrace the gloss. Not only is it a great finisher for your new fall do, but it can reduce the look of all that sun worshipping you did this summer. A gloss will smooth the surface of the hair and add shine making your mane more fashion forward this season.

More questions or do you just want to talk about your fall colour? Come on into the salon and let’s chat.

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