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Going To Great Lengths: An Extension Story, Part One

October 8, 2009

Several weeks ago, Stacey and I attended an industry event hosted by our friends at Salon Magazine. There was a fantastic raffle with proceeds going to charity and through that, Stacey came out a winner of a set of extensions. Well, many of you have seen her hair and I’m sure can understand why she didn’t want them put in. She decided to give the extensions to me and we would put together a series here on the blog to discuss extensions; mine specifically and extensions in general.

Well, yesterday those extensions were installed and I present to you my initial impressions: the good, the bad and the ugly. First of all it was absolutely incredible to walk into a place with hair that wasn’t quite shoulder length and leave with it almost touching my bum. Now the process was not short. They took about five and a half hours to complete. Sitting still for that long is difficult at best, but to acquire that much length with zero effort on my part was quite wonderful. In this age where we are so focused on instant gratification, 18” of locks within hours deliver.

Immediately upon completion of the installation, I made my way over to Blonde so that Stacey could give them a healthy texturing. The salon that applied the extensions did do some cutting, however, each peripheral glimpse I caught of myself in the mirror reminded me of an 80’s hair band, a look I wasn’t interested in sporting. Stacey made quick work of making them look more feminine and current.

Now let’s move on to a few care items. The care needed for the extensions is quite different than my normal routine. With my real hair, I never blow-dried and I brushed my hair maybe once a day. Care for these puppies requires that I dry the adhesive at very least so that it doesn’t turn white (not such a concern for me being blonde, but could look rather strange on a dark head). Okay fine, I can adjust. Also, I’m supposed to brush it regularly to avoid my hair dread-locking around the adhesive and extensions. Again, not a huge sacrifice in the name of instant long hair if you ask me. What I didn’t realize was the regularity with which brushing is required. If I leave it for more than an hour, it starts to take on a rather stringy look. And that’s just being indoors. Outdoors with wind: I have to brush immediately upon coming inside or my tresses start to look rather unkempt.

A final observation for this, the first in our series of my life in long hair: my first night was almost sleepless. The adhesive that is bonded to my real hair creates a small nub about 1” from my scalp. Those little guys spent the entire first night poking my poor head. Stacey suggested I use a satin pillowcase so that my head would slip over my pillow a bit more easily which I did, however, it still made for a rather uncomfortable sleep. I am told that one gets used to this sensation. I sincerely hope so!

I will post here through my time with the extensions some of my experiences and observations. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to ask. And, if you are pondering the application of extensions, give us a shout at the salon and we would be more than happy to chat with you about them. Until the next time, I wish great hair days to you all!


Before extensions                                      After extensions

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