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Kevin Murphy of Kevin.Murphy Talks Fashion Hair

October 28, 2009

Recently, we received these 2 stories from Kevin Murphy himself (yes, Kevin Murphy of Kevin.Murphy fame)! He shares some helpful hints on how he achieved the looks that he used while styling 2 magazine shoots. We really enjoyed reading his tips and hope that you all do too!

Kevin says…

“I just did a shoot of Rose Byrne for InStyle magazine. Most of you will know her as Ellen Parsons on the USA TV series ‘Damages’, but she has also appeared in many movies like Marie Antionette, Troy and Star Wars. She recently won an Emmy for best supporting actress. I thought I’d share this with you and explain what I did to get the hair for the shoot:”


“On the cover I applied HEATED.DEFENCE all through the hair and blew her out to dry. I then rolled her up in curlers using a basic wind technique, rolling the top back and the sides down and slightly foreward. I blasted the hair in the rollers with lots of heat and left her in curlers for about 15mins
until the hair cooled. Brushed through with some SESSION.SPRAY and we were good to go!”




“For the inside spread I used a spray of FULL-ON.PROTECTION on the roots and teased the crown and roots to give her hair a bit more volume. I teased the hair with our Boar Bristle brush so it had a modern softness to it. The effect was messy but I wanted to keep the shine.”

Next, Kevin Murphy tackles Vogue Australia…
“I just did a new shoot and cover for Vogue Australia so I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how I achieved the look and give you some insider tips and tricks…”

“This was done by using a method called The Flip Set. This method is similar to the technique we used last time, however that was the flip blow dry!
Step #1
Using lots of HEATED.DEFENCE, dry this into the hair. The more you use, the better the hold.
Step #2
Roll the hair forward and under, using one point of origin. The model should be facing you at all times. This exercise was focused on over-direction, as flipping the head forward over-directs the section and allows you to get heaps of body in the hair.”


“I sprayed the hair with a little DAMAGE.MANAGER then set the hair using a   really small-barreled curling iron. I then stretched the hair around a medium size roller.

I’ll give you a tip – make sure you are not using any products that contain moisture for steps #1 & #2, as moisture should only be added in the finishing stage (Step #3).”


“Step #3
Remove all the rollers and comb through hair with a really big, wide tooth comb. Make sure you comb hair thoroughly. This is where you can add the moisture (not before). Take a small amount of EASY.RIDER and work it into the palms of your hand.

Using only your palms, work it over the hair. EASY.RIDER has lots of elasticity so it smoothes the curls and makes them sleek.

When you are seeking to do a manufactured curl or smooth wave, you should only use moisture in the finishing stage. In the first stage, the hair needs to be set with a product that has no moisture. Then you can moisturize the hair after you have set it in place. This will give you greater longevity.

Product used:

I hope you like the shoot!”

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