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Blondes take on the Contessas

November 3, 2009

This past Sunday evening, all of us at Blonde shed our colour smocks in favour of glam garb, high-heels and big hair and made our way to the Contessa Awards, celebrating the best in Canadian hair and put on by our friends at Salon Magazine. Our creative and fearless leader, Stacey Staley was a nominee in three categories and we are thrilled and proud to report that she took home the hardware in the category of Multicultural Hairstylist! Here is the photo story of our evening…


The stylists get styled!


Ready to walk out the door and down the red carpet.


Stacey and Emily catch up before the ceremony.


Kathryn and Kaitlynn looking HOT!


Glamoured-up and ready for the ceremony to start.


That is one stunning, sexy couple!


And the Contessa for Multicultural Hairstylist goes to… Stacey Staley!!!


The acceptance speech as seen from the big screen.


The winning woman and the work.


Stacey man-handles the hardware.


And we can finally relax and enjoy the evening at the after-party:)

Stacey’s staff, family and friends are ever so proud of her! Her lovely and heartfelt acceptance speech had all of us in tears (not good for the make-up Stace…). Please join us in congradulating her. We look forward to much success and creativity in the future!

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