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Going to Great Lengths – Part 3

November 10, 2009

If you’ve been reading this blog at all for the past week and a half, you’ll surely know that Stacey and her Blondetourage made our way to Contessa 21 on November 1st. Suffice it to say, it was a big deal! There was a multitude of planning dresses, accessories, shoes and of course, hair. My extensions were no exception. By the time the Friday before rolled around, my additions were looking dry and ragged to say the least. All the ladies at Blonde made short work of my problem tresses.

First, it had been about 6 weeks since my last colour, so re-growth touch-up was a must have. Handling my own hair and the extensions were no problem for the Blonde girls. My re-growth was touched up, and the far-too-blonde extensions were treated to some much-needed low-lights (which blend way better with my natural hair).  Surprisingly, there wasn’t very much difference between colour with the extensions than when it was just me and my real mane!

Next, we moved over to the sinks where dryness was the next order. The ladies applied Moisture and Shine treatments from Kevin.Murphy and I sat, enjoying the pampering.  The treatments sat as we continued to plot and plan what we were wearing.

Finally, once coloured and treated, my hair was ready for a trim. Finally, all the extra length that had been driving me crazy was gone. I was cut, trimmed and textured. Once finished, the colour and cut made me fall in love with the length once again.

What Stacey and the girls did notice was that this particular brand of extensions isn’t as easy to work with as some of the others they’ve had exposure to. Stacey recommended Great Lengths if I was to do it again. And given the dryness I’ve been dealing with, I have to agree.

We can not of course forget the evening of the big event itself. Some of the Blonde ladies and I had attended an event where Kevin Murphy demonstrated some of his favourite styles for shoots and clients. We decided to give one of his looks a try. Using a curling iron, Kathryn curled my tresses, pinned them into place to cool, added a healthy dose of Kevin.Murphy session spray. And then we waited… The results were incredible! I have yet to put curl in these extensions that holds. But they held up, all night long!

I was rather delighted by how well the ladies managed my “fake” hair.  They never cease to amaze me with their talent. But I guess that’s why Stacey is the proud owner of a Contessa!

Got extension questions. The ladies and I would be more than happy to discuss our experiences with you. Give us a shout at the salon and let’s talk length!

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