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Another Retro Nod – The Blow-Dry

January 13, 2010

Have you watched an old movie lately? Remember those glamorous ladies going to the salon to get their hair washed and styled? It hasn’t really been something that our generation has had the opportunity to enjoy, until recently.

Blow-dry salons have been creeping up all over the place. A fad that started in New York, our fair city has enjoyed seeing some of these pop up as well. Not only is it an affordable luxury that allows you to concentrate on yourself for just a little while every so often, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet with a hair stylist more regularly to diagnose any problems you maybe having with your tresses earlier on in the game, allowing for easier, less time-consuming, and let’s face it, less expensive treatment alternatives.

For a while now, Blonde has been offering Blow & Go passes. For $125 you get 4 hair treatments (Kevin.Murphy or Kérastase) and blow-dries! That’s a savings of at least $135! You and your hair get pampered and you save money. Could there be a better deal out there?

Questions about the Blow & Go Pass? Give us a shout out the salon. Or book your appointment to try out tone of these fantastically hedonistic blow-outs before committing to a pass (we challenge you not to want the package after you’ve had one session)!

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