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Dealing With the Winter Dries

February 16, 2010

While we have been rather lucky with the weather here in our fair city, this has been a rather dry winter so far. We haven’t had to deal with the towering snow banks of years passed, however, that doesn’t mean that we get to escape from the harsh effects the cold weather has on our hair. How do we deal with the look of dry winter tresses? Here are a few helpful hints!

  1. Hydrate your body, hydrate your hair. Yes, we know you’ve heard this time and time again, but it applies here as well. Drink lots of water. Your body needs it and so does your hair.  Many sources tout the benefits of drinking eight 8oz. glasses of water daily in improving the moisture in their hair.
  2. Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. There are a massive number of shampoos and conditioners that help with dryness. Kevin.Murphy’s Born.Again and Kérastace’s Bain Satin 3 are just 2 that are available in the salon and do wonders in re-hydrating a less-than-lustrous mane. There are also a number of hair mask options that help.
  3. Get a trim. Split ends will make your hair appear drier than it actually is. While it may be difficult to give up the length, what’s the good in long hair if it looks dry and damaged?
  4. Take some time away from your heated styling tools. Hair-dryers, flat- and curling-irons only further dry out your hair. It’s tough to give them up sometimes, but these tools strip away moisture. If you have to use them, make sure you use products that protect your locks from heat.
  5. Don’t over-wash. Are you an everyday washer? Try skipping a day. It will give your hair some more time to absorb the natural oils in your scalp.
  6. Don’t boil your poor scalp. Try lowering the temperature of the water in your shower. Hot water is quite drying and a shift to a cooler shower climate can go a long way to keeping some of that moisture where you want it.

Do you have any other cures you’ve used for dry hair? We’d love to hear them. And, if all else fails, get a treatment. Sometimes at home solutions are not enough. Treat yourself and your crowning glory to a moisture-adding treatment. For a while now, Blonde has been offering Blow & Go passes. For $125 you get 4 hair treatments (Kevin.Murphy or Kérastase) and blow-dries! That’s a savings of at least $135! You and your hair get pampered and you save money. Call the salon for more details.

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