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Hair Detox???

March 12, 2010

by Kathryn Lenarduzzi

I have been on a “no-heat” hiatus since the beginning of March… I decided to do this because every morning after my hair had been blown-out and then styled with either a flatiron or curling iron, there were little bits of my hair all over the sink and floor.

Seeing as how I’ve been on the quest for a long, flowing mane for quite some time now, I noticed that all this heat was not good for my hair:(

As someone who stakes their pride in her hair, the thought of giving up my hairspray and irons was somewhat traumatic. But so far I’ve survived and actually enjoyed the fact that my hair moves and I no longer worry so much when one hair is out of place. Or when a drop of rain falls from the sky.

A lot of women seem to get themselves in the same predicament. That first pass of the flatiron is soooo very addictive – the way it makes your hair so shiny and glossy. But in most cases the love affair only lasts so long. Eventually overusing any heat styling tool will cause some, if not a ton, of damage. That is generally the one outside factor that will wreck your hair (aside from internal things like illness, certain medications and bad nutrition).

However all hope is not lost. The best way to prevent heat styling damage is to use a thermal protective product. This is usually a cream or serum that is designed to protect the hair cuticle from getting fried! The second thing you can do is to turn the heat DOWN!!! Most styling tools now come with adjustable heat settings, so start by turning down your normal setting by half and see how that works and adjust accordingly.

And the third and final thing I suggest is to just give your hair a break. Try working with your natural texture more. Find a product that enhances your waves or curls…or something that will give your straight hair shine. Ask your stylist. They are always happy to recommend a product that will nourish and protect your hair.

Have you ever done your own hair detox? What did you do? We’d love to hear about it. Just enter your thoughts in the comments below!

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