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What A Trendy Braid We Weave

March 24, 2010

This season’s hottest trend is the ever-classic, simple braid. But don’t be fooled by what your mother did to you when you were a kid. Spring’s plaits are varied in look and feel but no matter which one you choose, they scream spring-summer and give off that fun, fresh vibe!

First spotted on runways for Alexander Wang, Robert Cavalli, and Jean-Paul Gaultier, each braiding technique was different and gave an unique twist for each show.

Now how can a braid be different? Well, tousled, un-combed, neat, wet, messy, or others.  Try wearing your plait long and loosely to one side for a  relaxed and classic feel (see the image below), or tightly woven and defined to give an edgy romantic look. Or how about many tousled braids stacked and piled together at the nape of your neck as an imperfect up-do for an evening out? Each look gives you a finished and polished look for any occasion, not to mention keeping those locks out of your face on a humid summer’s day.

Some of our favourite celebs have pulled off the season’s show stopper. In this shot, Rachel McAdams dons the relaxed braid for the London premier of Sherlock Holmes, and my what a plait that was! While the look is definitely relaxed, notice how the style still manages to keep a formal look? See why we love this versatile style?

Now, we know what you’re thinking: How do I pull off Spring’s hottest do and keep it going the whole day (or night) through? The answer quite simply lies in product. Depending on which style you aim for, a shine serum would work best for the sleek, finished and defined looks. For those imperfect and tousled plaits try a dry shampoo to add texture. And of course hairspray! Hairspray always adds that finishing touch. Plus, it will allow you to keep your ‘do in place, just as you had envision it.

So with that, we challenge you to find your Spring/Summer 2010 perfect braid.

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