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Keep Your Coloured Hair Healthy

April 26, 2010

We see it all the time in the salon. Clients come in for colour after waiting for several months between appointments. Their logic is simple and does make sense: won’t my hair be healthier and less damaged if I wait a long time in between appointments?

Most of the time this isn’t true. The longer you wait in between services the more your hair will grow. If you are a blonde, that means more foils, more work and more of your money.

If you do the math, it is significantly more economical and healthier for your hair to come see your stylist every 6-8 weeks. That way we may only have to do a few foils to freshen up your look, as opposed to an expensive and time-consuming overhaul.

For clients who are brunette or red, coming more often means your colour will look richer, shinier and healthier with a more consistent tone from root to tip.

With summer quickly approaching, coming in regularly for touch-ups and nourishing treatments will keep you and your hair healthier, shinier and happier.

How long has it been since your last colour? Is it time for an appointment? Check out our newest promotions and give us a shout at the salon to set your appointment time for better colour.

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