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The Finer Things In Life: Hair Caviar Anyone?

June 9, 2010

by: Emily Glynn

Hair is our most beautiful accessory, our crowning glory if you will, and day in, day out it suffers the hardships of time.  Through naturally occurring damage from UV rays, air pollution and numerous colour services, our hair sustains a great deal of damage.

By studying the natural replenishing properties of caviar the Recherche Avancée L’Oréal created a treatment to aid in the nourishment and restoration of your hair.  It is the great pleasure of Blonde to introduce you to Chronologiste.

Featured in the People May 2010 Style Watch Issue, this amazing new product is wowing clients and stylists alike.  Its innovative technology and awe-inspiring results speak for themselves.

By reproducing the properties present in caviar, Kérastase created Mimetic Caviar, which promotes the restructuring and revitalizing of both skin and hair.  In mixing the essential cream masque and the pearls of mimetic caviar, this treatment reproduces the richness and properties of caviar, leaving your hair feeling full and radiant.

Chronologiste is offered as a luxury in-salon treatment for $50 as well as a take home ritual for $150 to promote your hairs health and well-being.

In the salon, clients continue to be amazed – they can’t believe that it’s their own hair they are touching! Plus, I’ve tried it myself! My tresses were shiny, bouncy with no weight, not to mention smooth and hydrated.

If you have questions about Chronologiste or would like to book an appointment an experience the results yourself, contact the salon. We look very forward to sharing this new wonder-product with you!

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