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Mom Hair

June 23, 2010

by Emily Glynn

More often than not, moms in this day and age have little time for the luxuries of beautiful blow-outs and glam do’s on a regular basis.  Sadly, we do not have the splendor of live-in nannies, or 24 hour staff like the always perfect celeb moms, who have a certain sheen about them 24/7, 365 days a year.  Despite these disarming facts, we can triumph with a few golden staples to get us through the days looking and feeling our best!

Being a new mom and hairstylist, the first few months at home with my son were a serious reality check for my round-brushed-flat-ironed-hair-sprayed daily regimen. I was constantly sporting a tightly wound top-knot just so I didn’t have to deal with it. Ten months later (and I’m still working out the kinks), I’ve learned that having quality products on hand and having a regular trim makes it a million times easier to take care of my locks.

Since becoming pregnant, I have been on the “growing-out” band wagon, and I recently had to have Kathryn cut 2 inches from my hair.  It broke my heart to have to part with that much hair, but truth be told my hair desperately needed some sprucing up.  In addition to the cut, we sprayed in an Aqua-Oleum treatment to help my poor dry ends.

Since my cut and treatment, my hair has been fabulous!  I wash with my Kérastase Bain Mirror #1 and my Chroma Reflect, then add a dab of Nectar Thermique and tousle my hair dry.  Once my hair is 95% dry I run my round brush through to smooth away the frizz, and Voilà!  It takes10 minutes and my hair looks and feels amazing.

By keeping up with regular hair maintenance my morning regiment has become easy and quick so my son won’t get restless while I work on perfecting my hair for the day!  With regular trims, every 6-8 weeks, my hair is more co-operative, and it has made a huge impact on the overall length I’ve been aiming towards for months.  Using the brands I trust on my hair further protects my locks and the investment I’ve made on keeping my hair healthy and luminous.

If you’re a new, or not-so-new mom who needs a hand with her hair-care regime, make a appoint of mentioning it at your next appointment and we can share how to not sacrifice looking good while we raise the little ones.

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  1. Lindsay permalink
    June 23, 2010 2:50 PM

    Love the story mommy! I’m with you….working on the looking good thing too!

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