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Fighting Age with Kérastase

June 30, 2010

by: Kaitlynn Connolly

When the hair starts to mature, it undergoes changes – dryness, dehydrated scalp and a lack of shine, softness and volume that makes tresses difficult to style. Hair also begins to whiten and often, loses density.

Kérastase introduces their new line, Bain Substantif that uses anti-oxidants to rejuvenate maturing hair. Shampoo and conditioning masque join forces to fight the signs of an aging mane.

Bain Substantif shampoo contains a calcium derivative, which is essential to hair fibres, vitamin F, providing energy to the root, ceramide which repairs the hair’s cuticle, and pomegranate extract which contains anti-oxidants to rejuvenate tired lifeless hair.

Bain Substantif conditioning masque contains hyaluronic acid which provides plenty of moisture and nutrition to the scalp. Calcium, vitamin F and ceramide, as well as pomegranate extracts work in conjunction with, and provide the same stunning results as they do in the shampoo. While a masque, this product still promotes body, bounce and softening without leaving the hair heavy and limp.

The result from this combo is nourished, revitalized, thickened and full of body!

Want to know if the Bain Substantif line is for you? Ask us about it the next time you’re in the salon. We’d be more than happy to provide you with a prescription for the perfect hair-care regime.

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  1. July 8, 2010 3:17 AM

    Ones hair constantly changes depending on so many factors health life style & age being one of them having said this the hair is part of the bodies excretory system. As such is a reflection in many ways of ones inner health. their are many products lotions and potions we can and do apply to it externally to make it look and feel better.
    For apart from the abuse from all the chemical abuse we put it through it is also exposed to the elements.
    However anything for the most part applied to the out side layer of the hair the cuticle is very much a a gloss over coating few products open the cuticle to absorb and most have a molecular size to big to be absorb anti aging! hum aging is what aging is .
    I am sure these products smell nice make the hair feel in better condition,and i’m sure they make the person feel and look better. so in that sense it works but products that give hair volume normally are slightly changing the Ph thus making it appear less limp. heavy conditioning products do the reverse they work well on dry slightly frizzy hair. at the end of the day it’s all about choice. thanks Mike B2MR

    • November 19, 2010 12:53 PM

      Though many factors do affect our hair and obviously our overall health, the Age Premium line from Kerastase is formulated specifically to satisfy the needs of MATURE HAIR. These new technologies are exclusive to the Kerastase brand.

      AGE PREMIUM incorporates three new technologies:
      Système Pro-Supplenium is the transversal technology of the range. It contains 5 active ingredients for 3 main actions:
      Ingredient: Calcium derivative
      Action : supplements natural active ingredients in the hair.
      Ingredients: Vitamin F derivative, Ceramide
      Action : Contributes to the growth of the hair fibre
      Ingredient: UV filter, Pomegranate extract
      Action : Prevents deterioration caused by UV rays and acts as an antioxidant.

      For the first time, Recherche Avancée L’Oréal has incorporated Hyaluronic Acid into a hair product. Just as it works on the skin, Hyaluronic Acid helps to rebalance and hydrate the scalp. It preserves the hydration of scalp tissue, bringing additional comfort to the scalp’s epidermis.
      Result: The scalp is hydrated, nourished and soothed, regaining its original vitality.

      The intra cylane molecule has the power to ‘auto-expand’, developing into a 3-dimensional network which leaves the hair feeling and looking thicker with added volume and body.

      Of course it all comes down to personal preference but Age Premium is clinically proven and formulated to rejuvenate mature hair, working from the inside out and without leaving any build up or residue on the hair shaft.

      For more information on this, and all Kerastase lines please feel free to visit their website!

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