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What’s New? Crisace Extensions!

August 1, 2010

by Kaitlynn Connolly

Recently, Blonde brought Crisace Extensions into the salon. As of Monday, we are all well-informed and fully-trained on the installation process of each of the 3 extension types, thanks to the help of Crisace owner Chris.

The first line that we are offering is the Strand2strand fusion system: Each hair strand is applied by heating the keratin bond at the top of the extension to a small section of your own hair. They can be coloured, cut, curled and flat ironed, all because they are 100% human hair. Typically, most clients receiving a full head of strand-2-strand will receive about 150 pieces in total. With a full head of extensions taking anywhere from 3-5 hours to apply. This system is amazing for adding volume and thickness, instead of just adding length.

The removing process of this system is just as simple: Each bond is removed with a solution that will break down the bond, however not damaging your real hair. When the strand is removed the dissolved bond is snipped off, and a new bond is added – the hair is completely re-usable!

The second system that we are offering is called Hair2Go Bang Pieces. These are clip in sections that are cut specifically for your fringe area, and can also be used on shorter hair to accentuate sides to appear longer tresses and more layered. They come in a variety of shades so you can add a pop of colour for a night out!

Finally, the third system is the Cold-Fusion Extensions. This system doesn’t involve heat like the Strand2strand extensions. The cold-fusion pieces are about an inch long and are applied to the hair with an adhesive similar to medical tape. A piece is secured to the bottom of a thin section of your hair with the adhesive facing upward and then another piece is ‘sandwiched’ on top. This system is perfect for clients who would love extensions but have fine, weakened hair that may not be able to handle extra stress on each strand, and those who don’t need to wash their hair often (preferably only 2 or 3 times a week).

I was lucky enough to have this system installed on my own mane. It was incredible fast, (it took no longer then 20 minutes) and I had long hair! They lay perfectly flat to my head and I can’t even feel them!

I love how they feel and how completely natural they look . The only problem that I have found so far is that my scalp was a little tender the first night (but that’s most likely from the excess of hair that my own hair is now carrying). Washing wise, it is very simple, I just shampoo and condition as I would normally. You do have to dry the bonded areas as soon as you can because moisture can swell the adhesive, which will result in the hair falling out faster.

Strand2Strand will last about 6-8 weeks between maintenance appointments. The cost varies depending on how many packages you will need. It is $60 per package of hair (10 strands in each pack) and the $1 per bond installation. For removal, its $2 for each strand removed and then $1 per strand to re-install.

The Hair2Go Bang Pieces are $30 each, they are synthetic but can withstand up to 180 degrees of heat.

The Cold-Fusion system is $500 for a full head and can last up to 8 weeks, depending on how much you wash your hair.  The adhesive is replaceable as well because this hair is also re-usable like the Strand2strand.

Have questions about any of the systems we’ve talked about here? Come see us at the salon, or give us a shout to find out which method is right for you! In the meantime, check out my before and after shots!

Kaitlynn Before Extenstions

Kaitlynn After Extensions

Kaitlynn After Extensions #2
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