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Falling in Love with Fall

August 10, 2010

by Emily Glynn

As the days grow shorter and you find yourself reaching for that sweater at night it’s hard to believe that fall is upon us. We knew it was coming: it’s the same every year, but there is always that sense of loss and impending doom. What happened to the flirty dresses?  The cute tanks? The fun sandals? Sadly they’ve all been relegated to the “Clearance” sections and we find ourselves faced with the barrage of “Back to School” propaganda followed by the latest in Fall Fashion.

With fall comes a breath of fresh air, a new beginning.  A whole new outlook on fashion and most importantly… Hair.  As much as we want to hold onto those super light beachy tones, it’s time to put them to rest for another year and embrace the beautiful autumn hues.  Rich brunettes, fiery reds and soft blondes are in the autumnal forecast. This doesn’t necessarily mean a whole hair transformation, it simply means its time for something new to accompany the season.

We look to the runways and fashion magazines and see beautiful softer shades parading all around us. Be it Toronto, New York, Paris or London, fall is here and the fashion world has adjusted itself accordingly. Healthy, flowing, natural looking locks are in. But for those of you who think of darker shades and shudder, fear not!  You don’t need to go from blonde to brunette to get the latest look. Perhaps a few lowlights to add depth and contrast, or maybe its just a matter of updating that tired blonde with a new colour gloss to shift the tone.

No matter what your colour, as the season turns, our hair tends to react with natures changes, and for many that can mean dry, unmanageable locks. So even if your hair type isn’t the ideal for a Brazilian Blowout, you can still liven your locks with one of our many Kerastase or Kevin.Murphy treatments. This is the perfect time of year to add moisture and exhilarate your mane.

Whether blonde, brunette or red, be sure to talk to your stylist to see what you can do to spruce up your do for Fall.

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