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Finding Your Dream Do on the Small Screen

October 11, 2010

by Emily Glynn

Autumn is upon us, and sadly we felt no gentle shift into the season.  One day it was bright, sunny and warm and the next we’re desperately sorting through those boxes of warm clothes for something, anything to keep us cozy.  With the warmth of summer gone many of us turn to the Fall TV for comfort. Not only do they pull us in to their various webs of stories, but often are a great inspiration for what to do with your mane.

Following the energetic and spunky cast of Glee, we see beautiful rich shades and bouncy, soft flowing curls.  As they dance and sing we can’t help but wonder, “How do they get that beautiful mane of hair?”  While the cast has someone on hand to make their tresses do magic tricks, you can create those looks at home without the help of a live-in stylist!

How you may ask: By using a small-barrel curling iron and curling large sections of hair, you can create that soft feminine flow.  Even blowing your hair out with Moroccan Oil and Nectar Thermique and using a large barrel boar bristle round brush you can create that softness at home!  Always remember, the key to any style is control.  Section out your hair so it’s easy to work with and you don’t end up with everything flying in your face!

Has that 60’s Madmen style caught your eye?  How could it not?  Volume and curl are the key to these fresh takes on 60’s style.  The beautiful thing about these styles is that they were inspired by a fashionable era but have a relevant twist for this day and age.  How do you achieve your inner 60’s diva? Start with Mousse Nutri-Sculpt on damp hair and tousle your hair dry upside down to achieve that volume.  Once your hair is completely dry use a medium hold hair spray like Moroccan Oil Hairspray on each small section and curl.  Allow the hair to set for 10-15 minutes and use a wide-tooth comb to break up the curl.  Follow up with a final spritz of hairspray and you’re ready to embody that 60’s style!

No matter what show you’re feeling this fall, you can draw inspiration from the beautiful soft do’s on the small screen.  Make them your own, and feel free to share your inspiration with us, we always want to hear what our clients are loving!

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