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Style by Powder

October 25, 2010

by: Emily Glynn

With the weather feeling less than sunny these dreary fall days, it’s easy to slip into the daily shampoo routine. Hair feels limp and body is not appearing. Enter, stage left, the newest addition to the Kevin.Murphy family; Powder.Puff.

What, you may ask, is a Powder.Puff? Well, it is a lighter-than-air volumizing powder that adds lift and body to your do, while helping to absorb some of that unwanted oil at the scalp. For that messy “bedroom” look, simply shake into dry or damp locks and fluff. Plus, as an added bonus, Powder.Puff has a small amount of hold that will reactivate for day 2 of your style.

Alterna’s dry shampoo also offers a great alternative to Powder.Puff and works especially well on blonde hair that needs a little help looking fresh. Another powder, this dry shampoo helps give your hair the second wind it needs to go an extra day without shampoo.

Although shampooing daily works for some, this time of year can be hard on the scalp as we start to turn the on heat and layer up. Allowing your scalp a break from daily shampoos helps natural oils to coat the scalp, reducing flakiness that can become problematic this time of year. By using a light dry shampoo or powder, you offer your scalp a reprieve from the daily wash, going a long way in ensuring that dryness won’t become an issue.

So no matter how often you shampoo, try out Powder.Puff or Alterna Dry Shampoo today to give your scalp a break and style a little something on that extra day!

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