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Holiday Hair How To’s!

December 12, 2010

by: Emily Glynn

The season of the Little Black Dress is upon us, and now that you’ve carefully selected the perfect party attire, it’s time to think about how to make your hair look as fabulous as the rest of you!  Stylist Kathryn Lenarduzzi sat down with me to share her tips and tricks for amazingly simple and stylish do’s.

What you’ll need:
-1” Curling Iron
-Kerastase Double Force
(Fine haired ladies substitute Kevin Muphy’s Full.On.Protection for more hold and curl!)
-Bobby Pins
-Large Hair Clip
-Teasing Comb (Again for all you fine haired ladies!)
-Fun and Funky Hair Accessories to personalize your style!

*Listed above are all the products used to create these looks.  To attain the best results, be sure to use professional grade products, as you will get longevity out of the style!*

These holiday looks are best accomplished by using your fingers to style as opposed to using a comb or brush.

Step 1- Wash and dry hair normally, avoiding any slick products (i.e. serum/smoothing products), as they tend to cause curls to fall much quicker.







Step 2- Once hair is 100% free of moisture turn on your curling iron and allow to heat up.  While your iron is heating up section your hair using your clip.  Sections do not need to be perfect, they are simply for control and to ensure you don’t pull too much hair into the iron at once.

Step3- Spray each section as you go with either hairspray or Full.On.Protection. Start curling your hair from the very back section near the nape of your neck, and work your way to the front of your hair.  Because curling irons vary from brand to brand you may have to do a few test curls to see what the ideal timing is for your iron.  For any make or model, however, you should apply no more than 30 seconds of heat, as any more can cause burning of the hair shaft!








Step 4- Spray entire head once more with hairspray as soon as you’ve finished curling.  Allow the curls to set and cool for a minute.  Once curls are completely cool, tilt back your head and gently run your fingers through the curls.  This will break up the curls and avoid that “Shirley Temple-esque” sausage look!








This is all you have to do to get that sexy Victoria’s Secret look!  But if you want to pin your hair back this is how you want to set it before you start pinning.

To Pin Back Side
Section out the hair from behind your ear back and use your Hair Clip to pin it momentarily out of the way.  Take the remaining hair and twist gently away from your face.  Have 2 bobby pins ready and insert them in a criss-cross pattern to achieve maximum hold.  Let your hair from the clip down and fluff.  Spray once with hairspray you’re ready!!














To Pin into a Chignon (or Messy Bun)
For thick hair, spray with hairspray as you rake your fingers through the top section, pulling hair back into a ponytail at the back of your head.  (If you have fine hair, still follow the first step but there is no need to use the hairspray as you rake.) Twist ponytail a few times and wind into a bun.  Use bobby pins to secure bun in place, making sure you criss-cross them to anchor them into place.  Spray with hairspray and tuck any loose hair into place with another pin.








These styles really are very simple and basic, but they can make any hairstyle look fabulous!  “The key to any good style is not to over think it!” says Kathryn, and we have to agree!  Keep it simple and your style is sure to shine at your holiday party!

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