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Falling in Love with Fall

August 10, 2010

by Emily Glynn

As the days grow shorter and you find yourself reaching for that sweater at night it’s hard to believe that fall is upon us. We knew it was coming: it’s the same every year, but there is always that sense of loss and impending doom. What happened to the flirty dresses?  The cute tanks? The fun sandals? Sadly they’ve all been relegated to the “Clearance” sections and we find ourselves faced with the barrage of “Back to School” propaganda followed by the latest in Fall Fashion.

With fall comes a breath of fresh air, a new beginning.  A whole new outlook on fashion and most importantly… Hair.  As much as we want to hold onto those super light beachy tones, it’s time to put them to rest for another year and embrace the beautiful autumn hues.  Rich brunettes, fiery reds and soft blondes are in the autumnal forecast. This doesn’t necessarily mean a whole hair transformation, it simply means its time for something new to accompany the season.

We look to the runways and fashion magazines and see beautiful softer shades parading all around us. Be it Toronto, New York, Paris or London, fall is here and the fashion world has adjusted itself accordingly. Healthy, flowing, natural looking locks are in. But for those of you who think of darker shades and shudder, fear not!  You don’t need to go from blonde to brunette to get the latest look. Perhaps a few lowlights to add depth and contrast, or maybe its just a matter of updating that tired blonde with a new colour gloss to shift the tone.

No matter what your colour, as the season turns, our hair tends to react with natures changes, and for many that can mean dry, unmanageable locks. So even if your hair type isn’t the ideal for a Brazilian Blowout, you can still liven your locks with one of our many Kerastase or Kevin.Murphy treatments. This is the perfect time of year to add moisture and exhilarate your mane.

Whether blonde, brunette or red, be sure to talk to your stylist to see what you can do to spruce up your do for Fall.


What’s New? Crisace Extensions!

August 1, 2010

by Kaitlynn Connolly

Recently, Blonde brought Crisace Extensions into the salon. As of Monday, we are all well-informed and fully-trained on the installation process of each of the 3 extension types, thanks to the help of Crisace owner Chris.

The first line that we are offering is the Strand2strand fusion system: Each hair strand is applied by heating the keratin bond at the top of the extension to a small section of your own hair. They can be coloured, cut, curled and flat ironed, all because they are 100% human hair. Typically, most clients receiving a full head of strand-2-strand will receive about 150 pieces in total. With a full head of extensions taking anywhere from 3-5 hours to apply. This system is amazing for adding volume and thickness, instead of just adding length.

The removing process of this system is just as simple: Each bond is removed with a solution that will break down the bond, however not damaging your real hair. When the strand is removed the dissolved bond is snipped off, and a new bond is added – the hair is completely re-usable!

The second system that we are offering is called Hair2Go Bang Pieces. These are clip in sections that are cut specifically for your fringe area, and can also be used on shorter hair to accentuate sides to appear longer tresses and more layered. They come in a variety of shades so you can add a pop of colour for a night out!

Finally, the third system is the Cold-Fusion Extensions. This system doesn’t involve heat like the Strand2strand extensions. The cold-fusion pieces are about an inch long and are applied to the hair with an adhesive similar to medical tape. A piece is secured to the bottom of a thin section of your hair with the adhesive facing upward and then another piece is ‘sandwiched’ on top. This system is perfect for clients who would love extensions but have fine, weakened hair that may not be able to handle extra stress on each strand, and those who don’t need to wash their hair often (preferably only 2 or 3 times a week).

I was lucky enough to have this system installed on my own mane. It was incredible fast, (it took no longer then 20 minutes) and I had long hair! They lay perfectly flat to my head and I can’t even feel them!

I love how they feel and how completely natural they look . The only problem that I have found so far is that my scalp was a little tender the first night (but that’s most likely from the excess of hair that my own hair is now carrying). Washing wise, it is very simple, I just shampoo and condition as I would normally. You do have to dry the bonded areas as soon as you can because moisture can swell the adhesive, which will result in the hair falling out faster.

Strand2Strand will last about 6-8 weeks between maintenance appointments. The cost varies depending on how many packages you will need. It is $60 per package of hair (10 strands in each pack) and the $1 per bond installation. For removal, its $2 for each strand removed and then $1 per strand to re-install.

The Hair2Go Bang Pieces are $30 each, they are synthetic but can withstand up to 180 degrees of heat.

The Cold-Fusion system is $500 for a full head and can last up to 8 weeks, depending on how much you wash your hair.  The adhesive is replaceable as well because this hair is also re-usable like the Strand2strand.

Have questions about any of the systems we’ve talked about here? Come see us at the salon, or give us a shout to find out which method is right for you! In the meantime, check out my before and after shots!

Kaitlynn Before Extenstions

Kaitlynn After Extensions

Kaitlynn After Extensions #2

Blowout: Brazilian Style

July 10, 2010

Toronto’s heat wave has probably left us all a little worse for the wear. Watching what the humidity does to our bodies and skin, let’s face it, not so pretty. Not to mention our poor, now-frizzy tresses. What’s a girl to do?

Two words: Brazilian Blowout™. Yes, I know, it sounds dirty. But it’s anything but. Recently, we introduced the Brazilian Blowout™ to the salon’s treatment offering, and for this blogger, a new favourite was born.

What is a Brazilian Blowout™ you ask? It is a treatment, applied in salon to smooth and tame the frizzy strands you’ve been seeing without changing the texture of your mane (curly hair remains curly).  Once applied and set, you can flip your head upside down after washing and blow-dry it completely straight – without the use of a flat iron (which, for this blogger is HUGE as I am somewhat obsessed with mine). Or, you can let it air-dry without a worry of the frizziness you would usually have to deal with. If you want to take a heat break, this treatment is for you!

First, the process: Hair is washed with an anti-residue shampoo that strips it of any undesirables (product build-up and the like). The creamy liquid blowout treatment is then applied to sections of the hair. Your stylist will then begin the process of blow-drying this treatment into your hair, followed by a very HOT dose of flat ironing.

At that point, it’s back to the sink. The Acai Deep Conditioning Masque is applied to your treated tresses, rinsed and then, back to the chair for an application of the system’s Acai Smoothing Serum and a final blowout.

A few incredible observations from this blogger’s experience: as soon as the lotion hits your hair, you can run a VERY fine tooth-comb through it! Once your hair is dry, you can begin to feel an increase in your hair’s density. It felt so much thicker! The final result: a smooth, voluminous mane that looks incredibly healthy and shiny. And as observed by a certain Blonde staff member, may cause you to stare at your newly treated hair incessantly, and perhaps even toss it around a bit!

Now, the technology: Using their proprietary polymer system and a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex, the treatment improves the condition and health of hair. It is a smoothing system that leaves your mane frizzless without the use of harmful formaldehyde found in many other straightening and smoothing systems.

The treatment takes approximately 90 minutes and lasts up to 12 weeks. Your introductory package includes the application of the treatment, as well as the 4 after-care maintenance products: Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, Acai Smoothing Serum and Acai Deep Conditioning Masque. These products help to extend the life of the treatment.

Interested in getting that frizz right out of your hair? Call us at the salon to make an appointment and live out the rest of your summer frizz-free.

NOTE: before and after photos to come!

Fighting Age with Kérastase

June 30, 2010

by: Kaitlynn Connolly

When the hair starts to mature, it undergoes changes – dryness, dehydrated scalp and a lack of shine, softness and volume that makes tresses difficult to style. Hair also begins to whiten and often, loses density.

Kérastase introduces their new line, Bain Substantif that uses anti-oxidants to rejuvenate maturing hair. Shampoo and conditioning masque join forces to fight the signs of an aging mane.

Bain Substantif shampoo contains a calcium derivative, which is essential to hair fibres, vitamin F, providing energy to the root, ceramide which repairs the hair’s cuticle, and pomegranate extract which contains anti-oxidants to rejuvenate tired lifeless hair.

Bain Substantif conditioning masque contains hyaluronic acid which provides plenty of moisture and nutrition to the scalp. Calcium, vitamin F and ceramide, as well as pomegranate extracts work in conjunction with, and provide the same stunning results as they do in the shampoo. While a masque, this product still promotes body, bounce and softening without leaving the hair heavy and limp.

The result from this combo is nourished, revitalized, thickened and full of body!

Want to know if the Bain Substantif line is for you? Ask us about it the next time you’re in the salon. We’d be more than happy to provide you with a prescription for the perfect hair-care regime.

Mom Hair

June 23, 2010

by Emily Glynn

More often than not, moms in this day and age have little time for the luxuries of beautiful blow-outs and glam do’s on a regular basis.  Sadly, we do not have the splendor of live-in nannies, or 24 hour staff like the always perfect celeb moms, who have a certain sheen about them 24/7, 365 days a year.  Despite these disarming facts, we can triumph with a few golden staples to get us through the days looking and feeling our best!

Being a new mom and hairstylist, the first few months at home with my son were a serious reality check for my round-brushed-flat-ironed-hair-sprayed daily regimen. I was constantly sporting a tightly wound top-knot just so I didn’t have to deal with it. Ten months later (and I’m still working out the kinks), I’ve learned that having quality products on hand and having a regular trim makes it a million times easier to take care of my locks.

Since becoming pregnant, I have been on the “growing-out” band wagon, and I recently had to have Kathryn cut 2 inches from my hair.  It broke my heart to have to part with that much hair, but truth be told my hair desperately needed some sprucing up.  In addition to the cut, we sprayed in an Aqua-Oleum treatment to help my poor dry ends.

Since my cut and treatment, my hair has been fabulous!  I wash with my Kérastase Bain Mirror #1 and my Chroma Reflect, then add a dab of Nectar Thermique and tousle my hair dry.  Once my hair is 95% dry I run my round brush through to smooth away the frizz, and Voilà!  It takes10 minutes and my hair looks and feels amazing.

By keeping up with regular hair maintenance my morning regiment has become easy and quick so my son won’t get restless while I work on perfecting my hair for the day!  With regular trims, every 6-8 weeks, my hair is more co-operative, and it has made a huge impact on the overall length I’ve been aiming towards for months.  Using the brands I trust on my hair further protects my locks and the investment I’ve made on keeping my hair healthy and luminous.

If you’re a new, or not-so-new mom who needs a hand with her hair-care regime, make a appoint of mentioning it at your next appointment and we can share how to not sacrifice looking good while we raise the little ones.

The Finer Things In Life: Hair Caviar Anyone?

June 9, 2010

by: Emily Glynn

Hair is our most beautiful accessory, our crowning glory if you will, and day in, day out it suffers the hardships of time.  Through naturally occurring damage from UV rays, air pollution and numerous colour services, our hair sustains a great deal of damage.

By studying the natural replenishing properties of caviar the Recherche Avancée L’Oréal created a treatment to aid in the nourishment and restoration of your hair.  It is the great pleasure of Blonde to introduce you to Chronologiste.

Featured in the People May 2010 Style Watch Issue, this amazing new product is wowing clients and stylists alike.  Its innovative technology and awe-inspiring results speak for themselves.

By reproducing the properties present in caviar, Kérastase created Mimetic Caviar, which promotes the restructuring and revitalizing of both skin and hair.  In mixing the essential cream masque and the pearls of mimetic caviar, this treatment reproduces the richness and properties of caviar, leaving your hair feeling full and radiant.

Chronologiste is offered as a luxury in-salon treatment for $50 as well as a take home ritual for $150 to promote your hairs health and well-being.

In the salon, clients continue to be amazed – they can’t believe that it’s their own hair they are touching! Plus, I’ve tried it myself! My tresses were shiny, bouncy with no weight, not to mention smooth and hydrated.

If you have questions about Chronologiste or would like to book an appointment an experience the results yourself, contact the salon. We look very forward to sharing this new wonder-product with you!

Don’t Fight It, Embrace It

June 1, 2010

by Kathryn Lenarduzzi aka the Brunette at Blonde

Summer in Toronto is finally here, but along with glorious sunny days comes UV rays and humidity (yikes)!

Most of our clients do colour their hair and it’s important to protect your investment (and our hard work!) at this time of year. Here at Blonde, we carry a few lines that each have unique products designed to shield your hair from harsh rays.

The Kérastase Soleil line is perfect for hard-core product junkies. Regularly applying Serum Apres Soleil on damp hair before each blow-dry will create a weightless shiny shield for your hair. And shampooing with Bain Apres Soleil followed by Creme Richesse is the perfect way to keep fading at bay.

Ocean and pool lovers should also consider using Gelee Aqua-Proof. When applied to damp or dry hair it forms a waterproof barrier to keep salt or chlorine out of your hair cuticles.

Hydrate-Me shampoo and rinse from Kevin.Murphy is a paraben- and sulphate-free way to protect and nourish your hair as well. Perfect for eco-chic clients.

My number one recommendation for our clients in the summer is to work with your hair’s natural texture. Recently, a client of mine came in with a gorgeous head of curls. This was news to me because for almost a year now, we’d been styling it straight. To keep wavy and curly hair from getting out of control in the humidity the secret is great product and not to touch it!

After washing your hair, apply a product like Hair.Resort or Motion.Lotion from Kevin.Murphy and comb through, give it a good scrunch and either diffuse or dry naturally. But remember: Don’t touch! This way the curl pattern is left undisturbed and frizz-free.

For clients who need a whole system to care for their curly hair, Kérastase’s Oleo-Curl line is for you. With a shampoo, 2 masques (for fine or thick curly hair), and 2 leave-in curl products you’re sure to find the right combination for you!

As always don’t be afraid to ask! We love to help our clients design a regimen that works for them any time of the year!